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The following athletes have moved on from MCA to play at the college level

1996       Jake Christiansen             Northern Michigan University                    Basketball

1998       John Szwaja                       Bemidji State University                              Basketball

1998       Nathan Lindholm             Crown College                                                  Basketball

2000       Joesph Szwaja                  Minnesota State University – Mankato       Basketball

2001       Andrew Hanson               Concordia University – St. Paul                    Baseball

2003       Jacob Campion                Concordia University – St. Paul                   Baseball

2003       Matthew Hanson            California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo                Basketball

2004       Daniel Hanson                Northwestern College                                    Basketball

2005       Alaina Klein                     Bethel University                                             Volleyball

2006       Stephen Hanson              Northwestern College                                   Basketball

2007       Jonathan Pearson            Northern State University (SD)                  Basketball

2007       Alexander Thomas          Northern State University (SD)                  Basketball

2008       Tyler Campion                 Northwestern College                                   Baseball

2008       Jenna Higgins                 Northern State University (SD)                  Basketball

2008       David Hanson                California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo                Basketball

2008       Keely Stankey                 University of Mississippi                                  Rifle

2009       Matthew Eickman          Hamline University                                          Baseball

2009       Paul Hultgren                  Bethel University                                             Football

2009       Ellee Owen                       Bethel University                                             Volleyball

2009       Austin Muchow               North Central University                               Cross Country

2010       Jay Higgins                       University of Wisconsin – Stout                   Basketball

2010       Keshia Carpentier            North Central University                               Softball

2011       Makenzie Lee                    Hamline University                                          Basketball

2011       Christian Stepaniak         North Central University                               Soccer

2011       Savaughn Jordan              North Central University                               Basketball

2012       Nathan Hultgren              Bethel University                                             Football

2012       Alexis Long                        South Dakota School of Mines                    Basketball

2012       Jesse Kauffmann             North Central University                               Golf

2012       Zarchary Penn                  Bethel University                                             Football

2012       Benjamin Jenny              University of Northwestern – St. Paul          Baseball

2012       Andrew Tschumper        Bethel University                                             Soccer

2013       Isaiah Hanson                  Colorado Christian University                     Basketball

2013       Garrison Gillard              University of Minnesota – Duluth                Basketball

2013       Onye Osemenam            Missouri State Univeristy                              Basketball

2014       Joshua Goldschmidt       Lake Superior State University                   Basketball

2014       Madison Lee                    Minnesota State University – Mankato       Basketball

2014       Mikayla Payne                Minnesota State University – Moorehead    Basketball

2014       Courtney Bianchi-Rossi  Gustavus Adolphus College                         Soccer

2015       Alexa Lee                            University of Sioux Falls                              Basketball

2015       Jeremiah Hanson             Colorado Christian University                     Basketball

2015       Cameron Monson           Bethel University                                             Football

2015       Jake Meyen                       Bethel University                                             Basketball

2015       Maggie Koethe                 University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire         Hockey

2015       Brock Burquest                 University of Minnesota – Morris              Baseball

2016       Alaina Jarnot                      Monmouth University                                   Basketball

2016       Faith Lovick                         Azusa Pacific University                                 Softball

2017       Dyante Jordan                   Bethany Lutheran College                            Basketball

2017       Holden Baker                     St. John’s University                                       Football

2017       Elisha Coleman                  Michigan Technical University                    Basketball

2017       Elise Moore                        Johns Hopkins University                             Basketball

2018       Jaclyn Jarnot                      University of North Dakota                          Basketball

2018       Kylie Post                            University of Minnesota – Crookston      Basketba